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Tsum (Chum) Valley Trek

Tsum (Chum) Valley Trek area is an ancient Kindom of “Tsum Tso Chukusm” Which means 13 provinces rued as a single territory. The Tsum territory are still visible today (Shear Khola, Ganesh Himal and Budhi Gandaki (Shingi Himal) is the remote north village of Gorkha Manaslu region at Dharche Gaunpalika, this area is open for foreign tourist from 2008, it is rich of Nature, Jungle, Culture, up and down mountain, panoramic view of Himalaya Manaslu region, Buddha Himal, Himal Chuli and Ganesh Himal, ethnic group of people Local Sherpa and Khamba people.

Mu Gompa is a main attraction of trial starts from Arughat/Soti Khola drive up to there and start walk/Hike every day. This trials fallow Budhigandaki river site. Machha khola, Khola Besi, Jagat is the entry point for your Permit after this point Philim is the small market town and here is administrative office for this region. After spent a night at Philim then again fallow trial and after one hours walking turn right path for Tsum valley. This area is reach for flora and fauna and can be seen languor, blue sheep and other kind of sounds of birds. Chamchet village which we spent another night then Chhekampar village is the good local village. This area people main income is Yarsa Gambu (caterpillar fungus). This is main income for local people.

Tsum Valley  people have own culture, local tradition- these local people don’t killed any animal but they eat after they die, for farming system they have communion  system, they work in a group one by one turn at all village and if they have small field they can work own. They have own language, unique marriage system, ancient Mani walls, festival like Lhosar, Sake-Dawa , Horse race, and more. The local people believed Yeti is god and they have seen Yeti. The historical monasteries like Rachen Gumba and Mu Gumba.


Our Features

Tsum Valley is an attractive drive through the heart Hills leads to the trail head away from Arughat at Soti Khola. The Tsum (Chum) valley trekking path crosses numerous ridges and villages as it rises to Philim. Here it turns east into the lower, then broader Upper Tsum Valley. Crops include barley, maize, buckwheat and potatoes. The chances to Look out for Himalayan Tahrs and Bharal (blue sheep); preyed on by illusive snow leopards.

Outline Itinerary

Day 1 :  Drive Kathmandu to Arughat then jeep drive to Soti Khola (700 m) 10 hrs drive approx. Overnight at tea house.

Day 2 : Trek to Machha Khola (825 m) 6 hrs, overnight at tea house.

Day 3 : Trek to Jagat (1330 m) 7 hrs, overnight at tea house.

Day 4 : Ttek to Lokpa (2240 m) 6 hrs, overnight at tea house.

Day 5 : Trek to Chhokang Paro (3030 m) 6 hrs, overnight at tea house.

Day 6 : Trek to Chhule (3350 m) 6 hrs, overnight at tea house.

Day 7 : Trek to Mu Gompa (3700 m) 3 hrs, overnight at tea house.

Day 8 : Trek to Chumling (2385 m) 8 hrs, overnight at tea house.

Day 9 : Trek to Philim (1570 m) 6 hrs, overnight at tea house.

Day 10 :  Trek to Khorlabesi (970 m) 7 hrs, overnight at tea house.

Day 11 : Trek to Soti Khola and Jeep drive to Kathmandu by bus, overnight at hotel.