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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s) from Tourist about Nepal.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s) from Tourist about Nepal.

 Question- What is the general duration of the trekking?

Answer- Trekking duration of is dependents on the trekking area and interests of tourist. Generally speaking, trekking can be from 2-3 days to a month time or longer periods if tourist wishes. Even same trek can be different duration for different trekkers, it is dependent on tourist wishes and interests on the trekking route.

Question- How difficult was the trekking path?

Answer- Difficulty of the trekking path depends on the trekking area /region and its duration. Normally shorter trekker is easier and longer will be harder path.  Question- What is the Tea House Trekking?

Answer- Tea House Trekking is easy and cheaper for trekker’s breakfast/lunch/dinner and overnight stay at local guest house, not need much supporting staff as camping. Holidays Destination Trekking also organize camping trekking, during this trips trekker’s including supporting staff stay overnight at tents, food prepare by our cook and we carry everything with us.

Question- What can Trekker does expect from Tea House Trekking?

Answer- The mountain tea house means restaurant, hot showers, rooms it is as Small hotel. We arranging such trekking from beginning of this company, we assure trekker are that we give you clean room, hygienic food, friendly atmosphere with best Mountain View. Our entire tea house provides hot shower for trekker’s every evening, using LP gas not fire wood from jungle.

Question- What facilities trekker’s can get from tea house?

Answer- Private Rooms are available in most tea house expect for high altitude area. Most tea house provides toilet/bathroom on sharing basis.  Drinking beer and hard drinks, some place you can use internet WIFI.

Question- Where do trekker’s eat meals and what kind of food is available?

Answer- During the tea house trekking we serve breakfast before starting trekking for the day and lunch on the middle day and dinner at place where we stay overnight. Every tea house has Menu and you can order what you like to eat, all food prepare by experience cook such as rice, vegetable, noodles, potatoes, pizza, pasta, spaghetti and soup but some place you can have meat item too. Many of them have western food item on menu. Soft drinks, snacks and beer are available in tea house.  During the camping trekking our cook with us he prepare food for us.

Question- Is it safe to eat during the trekking?

Answer- Food safety is always big concern and we take it very seriously. Out trekking guide always chose cleanest and most hygienically tea house at trekking routs. During the camping trekking our experience cook prepare safe and hygienic food.

Question- What are the source of drinking water supply during trekking?

Answer- All the tea house sale safe drinking water on big jar for refilling your bottle. But if not that water then boiled and filtered water can be refilling your bottle.

Question- What is the best time for trekking in Nepal?

Answer- Best time for trekking is autumn (September, October, November and December) and spring (End of February to May). Short trekking and tea house trekking can done during the winter season as well but dependent trekking area.

Question- What type of shoes need for trekking?

Answer- For shorter trekking comfortable tennis shoes or sinkers is enough while longer trekking require carefully chosen hiking boots. Shoes need proper fit and advise you to wear your new shoes for sometime before trekking for your feet to feel absolutely comfortable during the trekking.

Question- What problems can be rise on high altitude?

Answer- Altitude sickness is a serious problem. Holidays Destination Trekking, having many years experience in trekking and good knowledge of the problem, our guide got first aid training from KEEP, and we organizes trekking very carefully. Extra day of rest/acclimatization is including in our entire high altitude site. Our guide are trained, easily find signs of altitude sickness and how to treat with it.

Question- What happen in case of emergency?

Answer- Holidays Destination Trekking is prepared for any emergency situation and knows how to handle it. Our guides are trained in first aid and can deal with most of the basic ailments that occur during the trekking. Every client should have his own insurance before coming to Nepal for case of emergency.

Question- Should we bring all trekking equipment with us?

Answer- You can easily rent or buy needed equipment for reasonable price in Kathmandu or Pokhara before trekking but it will be good if you have own equipment during trekking. You can bring or can buy or hire in Kathmandu any outdoor shop around Thamel and Pokhara Lakeside.

Question- what short of experience do your guides have?

Answer- Trekking Guides of Holidays Destination Trekking have many years of guiding experience in Nepal as well as Tibet. All of t hem have been spending years exploring the county. Our guides are trained in First AID, license from Nepal government and know how to handle any situation. All our guides speak fluent English language and happy to share their deep knowledge to the county and beauty of Nepal with you. We believe in quality of service, out guide are from local area so they can give you right information about local ethnic people, culture and life style. In this way we deliver excellent service and make your trip 100%safe, fun your holiday and memorable.